Athlete: Joe Higgins

    • Services: Personal Training.

    • Location: Everybody's Gym (Spalding, Lincolnshire)

    • Instagram: @joehiggins_pt 

    • Contact information:

    • About me and specific areas of focus: I've been training for around 5 years and my enjoyment for the gym began from playing sport and wanting to know how to better my game. My enjoyment for training eventually led to me becoming a personal trainer. I take an interest in all aspects of fitness. I cater to any fitness goals a client may come to me with. Maintaining general health and fitness is something I promote as a personal trainer. Fat loss, strength training, sport specific training, general health and fitness finally training for hypertrophy are areas I focus on and are goals I enjoy working towards. Personally I love strength training and powerlifting. Powerlifting is what I focus my training on. Sport specific training is also something I find interesting as a sportsman myself, I enjoy finding ways to improve my game in the gym. Getting work experience in various gyms has allowed me to become comfortable in the gym environment also developing my knowledge on equipment and different ways of training.