Athlete: Robbie Bagley

    • Services: I provide gym, fitness and nutrition related lifestyle content. Tailored Diet, training and supplement programs will also be available soon.

    • Location: Around Telford, Shropshire. Puregym Telford mainly.

    • Specialist areas: Burning away excess body fat and achieving very low body fat levels safely. Good knowledge on supplements to get the body running as efficiently as possible. If your that guy that’s always wanted to achieve that beach body for a holiday or the summer, I’m your man.

    • Contact details: Insta: @rbaggerz Email:

    • Bio: Currently a Training PT/Nutritional advisor. Making my passion my life. Training and Nutrition has been my passion for 7 years and I’ve constantly gone through bulking and cutting phases to achieve my current physique. I’m not the most genetically gifted guy with my smaller frame but I’ve learned and trialled whatever I can to achieve it. I started working out to feel more comfortable and confident in my own skin and I want others to achieve that feeling. When you feel happy with your physical appearance all the others aspects in life seem to follow. I love pushing the boundaries and getting my physique to new levels of lean. But I also enjoy lean gaining phases when dieting becomes more flexible and higher energy workouts become more regular.