Athlete: Luca Palumbo

        • Services: Personal trainer and boxing/ kickboxing pad work
        • Specialist area: Weight management, strength training, martial arts, mobility/ flexibility
        • Location: Ronin Fitness LTD Staines Upon Thames
        • Email:

        • Instagram: @ronin_fitness_ltd
        • Bio: I was always into fitness all the way since primary school, basketball specifically was my sport. When I turned 18 I stopped exercising completely and by the age of 20, my diet was terrible and I had let myself go, getting to the biggest I have ever been. When I was 22 I got into boxing and started working out in a gym and managed to lose some weight. Not really knowing what I was doing at the time I lost too much weight and was getting injured often. Eventually when I was around 24 I picked up kickboxing and learnt a lot about exercise and nutrition. I finally got in the best shape of my life and have built on that foundation since. I have been through it all, when it comes to diet and exercise; being overweight, underweight and have learnt a few different martial arts along the way. I want to help you achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be and make sure you avoid any mistakes I ever made.