Athlete: Jemiah Headley

    • Services: Personal Trainer

    • Location: Dudley foundry gym

    • Specialist Area: Weight loss, nutrition expert, toning and conditioning muscle, gaining muscle mass

    • Contact details: Number(07704530949)

      Website ( )

    • Instagram: @jemz_gainz_fitness

    • Bio: I have been training professionally for 3 years now and have professionally competed in bodybuilding competitions under the category of men’s physique with the federation ukbff and placed 3rd in the competition. when I first got a taste for training i knew pretty much straight a way this was what I wanted to do with my life i knew it was a career i wanted to take up simply because it was my passion. l put my heart and soul into training and i did the same with studying till i achieved my qualification and as soon as achieved my goals i set myself a new goal to help others as well to achieve far past their own goals, to achieve true greatness, to show them what they are capable of, to give them self belief in themselves . I believe there are always room for improvements so i never stop training and learning to further push past boundaries. I train hard and put in the time and dedication and its exactly the same as when i train some one , I'll put in all my time and effort to train them hard, to push them past their limits and get them the results they never thought they could achieve.


      Never limit yourself because when you Limit yourself you'll never truelly know what your capable of and what you could achieve, live with no limits to achieve true greatness.