Athlete: Chris Loliva

        • Services: Personal Training, strength & Conditioning and rehabilitation
        • Specialist area: Strength & Conditioning and rehabilitation.
        • Location: Leeds City Centre - Gym: the Fitness Hub2021
        • Phone: 07455819212

        • Email:

        • Instagram: @chrisloliva_pt
        • Bio:

          CHRIS LOLIVA

          (MSc, BSc Hons)

          Chris is very passionate when it comes to health, fitness and sports. His philosophy is to use a combination of knowledge, teaching ability and open-mindedness to get you the results you want.

          Chris can adapt his approach, specifically to you, meaning you get the right training at the right time.

          Chris has a bachelor degree in sports science and nutrition plus a masters in strength and conditioning. He has been working for years as a Strength and conditioning coach, martial arts and athletics instructor.