Athlete: Adam Loveday

    • Services: Motivation on Instagram

    • Location: Dagenham

    • Instagram: @adam_loveday_fitness

    • Bio: My name is Adam Loveday I’m from east London, I was on/off with gym over the last 4 years but only in the last 7 months I have pushed myself to hit the gym to keep myself in shape and I haven’t looked back since. In the past I have felt down about my body as I suffer with fast metabolism, so I struggle to gain weight no matter what I eat. But since I’ve been eating lean food ie chicken, rice, fish etc... I have noticed a slight change in my body. My goal is to be lean and I know I have some way to go. If you’re into your fitness and want to follow my journey then please check out my insta which is on this page. Your support will mean a lot to me.