Athlete: Ross Deuchar

        • Services: Personal Trainer, Life Coach & Breathing & Meditation Coach
        • Specialist area: Specialist in the Optimum Training Programme (OPT) model, a versatile, client-centred training model with stabilisation endurance, strength, hypertrophy & power phases
        • Nutrition Advisor

          Mental Health advisor, drawing on the use of dynamic breathing and meditation techniques

        • Location: Glasgow and the west of Scotland 
        • Phone: 07960352442
        • Email:
        • Instagram: @rossdeucharpt
        • Facebook:
        • Bio: I have been involved in weightlifting and bodybuilding for over 25 years. I am
        • a fully qualified L2 gym instructor and L3 Personal Trainer, with my own PT business in Glasgow where I work with clients outdoors or in the gym.

          As well as balancing my work as a PT with a full-time job, I am also a fully certified Life Coach and Mindfulness Meditation & Breathing coach.

          My holistic and multi-tooled approach means that I am widely recognised as Glasgow’s ‘Mind & Body PT’ - specialising in supporting clients with their physical and mental health together.

          Although based in Glasgow, I also run courses and do coaching online with clients in different parts of the U.K. and wider world.

          If you are interested in working on your body and mind together, I’d be delighted to hear from you.