Athlete: Kieron O’Halloran

    • Services:Fitness motivation, body transformation and recovering bulimic disorder (mental health)

    • Location: Train at legendsgymuk in Queensbury. Been trying here for a 5 weeks now having over 1 year and half of training.. or any sports .

    • Instagram: @ko_fitness2020

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    • Bio: I’m 26 years old I live in Halifax West Yorkshire two beautiful children one boy one girl, son is 6 year old and my daughter is 16 month old.. I used to be 19 stone but suffered with an eating disorder that made me very depressed and lead me to becoming a bulimic.. I’ve played sports all my life too rugby player since the age of 8 all the way through too 21 then my team broke up so I stopped playing that’s when the weight started coming.. I’m currently 13 stone now and I’m happy and content with life, I am also back slowly training MMA which I did for 8 months while having had bulimia but I just didn’t have the energy to continue you it 💪🏽💪🏽