Athlete: Jake Marwaha

    • Services: Personal training

    • Location: Pure Gym Harlow/Mobile PT

    • Instagram: @jm.personaltraining

    • Contact: details: 077810 088074.

    • Specialities: muscle Tone and development, fat loss, sports conditioning, GP referral, outdoor coaching, spin cycling, HIIT circuits

    • Bio: Training has always been a part of my life, and I feel always will be. Coming from a sporting background my grandfather been a wrestler and hockey player, my dad a boxer, I’ve decided to become an exercise professional. From watching and idolising Rocky when I could only crawl, to watching pumping iron every night at 15. I decided to make my passion into a career. I remember when I first started lifting. I was doing incorrect form, using too much weight, and had no idea what I was doing. Over the years I have learned how to safely perform exercise and progress. I want to help people achieve there goals as I have and get them seeing results from day 1! My training philosophy and programming varies from person to person. Depending on their personal needs, exercise history, body type, metabolism, medical history etc. If you give me the chance I promise the sessions I deliver will be fun, challenging, educating and value for money. But most importantly you will see real results! If you are interested in training with me, you can find me on the gym floor, teaching classes or on the pure gym harlow website